Steps For Reducing Waste On Your Commercial Property

Big buildings can create a lot of waste, which is why it is important to have a corporate waste management system in place. In addition, it is also important to take steps to reduce the waste on your commercial property and be more sustainable.

1. Create a Waste Management Team

If you want to reduce the waste that your commercial business creates, you need a team that will actively identify ways to reduce waste and help implement and oversee these systems. In addition, you need accountability if you want not just to manage but reduce your waste. This team can be comprised of individuals from throughout your business, all of whom have different experiences with the waste your business generates. 

2. Learn About Your Waste

Next, you are going to want to learn about the waste that your business generates on a daily or weekly basis. Then, you can work with your waste management service to undergo a study of your waste for a set time period. This will involve weighing the amount of waste your business generates and actually going through the waste in order to figure out what you are throwing away. 

A study of your waste will help you learn how and where you are generating more trash than necessary. This study will help you learn about what you could be recycling instead of putting in the general trash can. 

You can work with your waste management company to track the weight of your waste on an ongoing basis to see if your task force and business are actually cutting down on the waste that you are generating. 

3. Reduce Waste

Now that you know about your waste, it is time to put your task force to work, figuring out ways to reduce waste. For example, maybe you could buy certain items in bulk more to reduce individual packaging. Or perhaps you need to start recycling instead of throwing away paper when it is done. Or maybe you simply need to start printing double-sided to reduce the paper waste you generate. Again, the solutions are going to be as unique as your company. 

4. More Effectively Disposal Methods

Finally, you will want to set up bins that allow for waste to be sorted and for recyclable to be more easily identified. You may need to charge your dumpster situation to reflect an increased dedication to recycling certain materials. 

As a commercial business, you have a responsibility to reduce and manage your waste properly. You can create a task force to tackle and track how you deal with trash your company tosses. In addition, you can do a waste study with your waste management service to learn about the waste you create and what you can do to reduce it and increase recycling. Finally, you can set up more effective disposal methods around your business that encourage recycling to reduce your waste footprint on the world. Contact a corporate waste management service for more information. 

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