Tips To Remember When You Rent A Dumpster

Renting dumpsters has proven to be an economical and convenient way to dispose of a large amount of trash. As you well know, some projects will produce a lot of waste that your weekly-pickup trash bins can barely handle. In such situations, a dumpster rental can be a pretty good investment. 

Before you proceed to rent a dumpster, you need to know how to go through the process. Below are some essential tips that you should follow to make the process easier.

Prepare a Location for the Dumpster

Before you even proceed to rent a dumpster container, you should prepare a place to keep it. Dumpster containers are pretty large, meaning you should have an area that's large enough to accommodate it. Remember, you can't place the dumpster on the roadside or sidewalk, as you might get into trouble with the authorities. 

Ensure that the location you choose is near the site you are working on and can be accessed by the dumpster truck. If you choose to place the dumpster on the driveway, make sure you clear it beforehand.

Pick the Right Dumpster Size

As you would expect, dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes. You can get a small, average, or large-sized dumpster container depending on the size of your project. It's up to you to choose a dumpster container that can accommodate all the trash and waste that your project will produce. 

If you pick a small dumpster container, you might end up overfilling it, a mistake that can attract fines or extra charges. Likewise, you shouldn't rent a dumpster that's too large, as you might end up underutilizing it.

Get to Know the Prohibited Items

Dumpster rental companies are strict about the items you shouldn't throw away in their containers. They don't allow oils, car batteries, tires, wet paint, and pesticides. Of course, the prohibited items may differ depending on the company. As such, it's always good to ask the company what you can and cannot dump. The company will provide you with a complete list of these items. 

Ask About the Pricing

Since there are so many dumpster rental companies, you'll need to ask for quotes before settling on the best one. Once you receive the quotes, confirm that the prices will remain the same after renting the dumpster container. You have to confirm with the company whether the upfront price quote includes everything before you close the deal.

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