4 Essential Tips To Follow When You Rent A Dumpster

Whether you're embarking on a major home remodeling project, a spring cleanout, or a commercial demolition job, the convenience of a dumpster rental can be indispensable. But if this is your first time renting a dumpster, you probably don't know a lot about how the whole process works. Consider the following four tips for a successful dumpster rental experience.

Choose Container Size Wisely

The last thing you want is having to rent an additional dumpster because the one you chose is too small. Therefore, take time to think about the correct dumpster size for your project. If you're unsure, it's better to choose a larger size than what you think you'll need to avoid overage charges or costs of renting a second container.  

In general, most dumpster rental companies offer 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard capacity containers. A 10-yard dumpster may be a good choice for a small home cleaning project, while a 40-yard dumpster can be used for large construction and commercial projects. 

Decide When You Need the Dumpster Rental (And for How Long)

Before calling a dumpster company, determine the timing of your renovation or cleanout project. When do you plan to start? And when will you finish? Answering these questions ensures a smooth rental experience. 

You don't want to start your renovation project and not have a dumpster there to deposit your debris. And you also don't want to complete your project and have a dumpster full of junk sitting on your property for a week. 

That said, circumstances can change. You may realize you will need the container longer than expected. In that case, notify your dumpster rental company as soon as possible, so they can adjust their schedule accordingly.

Ideal Placement and Location

Decide in advance where the dumpster will be placed to avoid any inconveniences. The area should be level and spacious enough to accommodate a large, bulky container. This also means removing all obstacles from your driveway, including cars, kid toys, and equipment. 

While at it, ensure there aren't any overhanging items on the site, such as power lines and tree branches. This ensures your rented company doesn't encounter any problems when dropping off or picking up your rented dumpster.

Avoid Prohibited items

Dumpster companies allow almost all types of debris in their containers. But most of them exclude hazardous wastes, such as chemical products, radioactive materials, paints, flammable liquids, tires, batteries, medical waste, and dead animals. Some companies also prohibit mixing certain materials like concrete with construction waste. 

Ask your dumpster rental company in advance whether the specific trash you want to use the container for is allowed to avoid headaches along the way.

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