Dumpster Rentals For Residential Trash Removal

Trash removal services are usually provided by the city, but a homeowner can only fit a limited amount of waste in a residential garbage can. If a homeowner desires to dispose of large pieces of garbage like old furniture, it must be placed by the curb close to the date for the city to pick up big trash items. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a need for getting rid of large pieces of garbage before the big trash pickup date, which is why renting a dumpster is convenient. By renting a dumpster, a homeowner can get rid of more garbage at once and not have to worry about placing anything by the curb. If you need to get rid of garbage that is unable to fit inside your residential garbage can, renting a dumpster is fast and easy.

Does a Contract Have to Be Signed to Rent a Dumpster?

It is typical for dumpster rental companies to make their customers sign a contract before allowing a dumpster to be rented out. By signing a contract, it creates a legally binding document that provides protection for all parties involved. For example, if a customer does not return the dumpster, the rental company can use the contract to take legal action in court. On the other hand, if the rental company does not abide by what was consented to, the customer can use the contract to take legal action. Keep in mind that dumpster rental contracts are usually short and easy for a customer to understand.

Which Types of Dumpsters Can Be Rented by a Homeowner?

Dumpster rental companies can provide several dumpster types for a homeowner to rent out. If you do not know which dumpster type to choose for your garbage disposal needs, a rental company can help. For example, you will have the option of choosing how garbage can be loaded into a dumpster, such as by tossing it over the top or through an opening on the side. Choosing the size of the dumpster is another option that you will have. No matter which type of dumpster you choose, the rental company can deliver it to your home.

Who Will Be Responsible for Emptying a Dumpster Rental?

Emptying the garbage out of a dumpster will be done by the rental company. Depending on your contract and the rental company chosen, you might need to contact the company when it is time for the dumpster to be emptied. In some cases, dumpster rentals are emptied on a set schedule.

For more information on a local dumpster rental, contact a company near you.

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