Rent A Small Dumpster Over Throwing Things Away Over Time

Whether you are remodeling your home or doing a major cleanup, you may plan to throw many things away. While you may have a trash bin and recycle bin that you put out every week, you will find great value in renting a small dumpster to throw everything away at one time.

Weekly Trash Buildup

A possible solution for getting rid of a huge trash pile is putting a portion of it into the trash bin each week alongside your regular trash. However, this method can quickly become a problem because you may not have enough room to throw all the household trash away.

While you may eventually chip away at the trash pile, you can enjoy a more reliable solution by using a rental dumpster that fits everything.

Size Restrictions

Tossing small to medium-sized furniture, building supplies, and items into your standard trash bin might work okay. However, you may run into trouble when attempting to get rid of large or oversized items that do not fit into the trash bin. Disassembling furniture or breaking down items is possible. But the easier solution is to put these things into a dumpster instead.

Planning to rent a dumpster before starting your house projects will help you spend less time on preparation. For instance, you will not need to disassemble furniture much or at all. You can also remove features and keep building supplies intact before throwing them away.

Sitting Debris

While working on projects without a dumpster, you may need to leave trash and debris sitting around for days, weeks, or months before getting rid of it all. These piles can attract pests and spread dirtiness to other parts of your house or property. Another possibility is outside debris blowing in the wind or developing mildew if it rains and does not dry all the way from the sun.

Wet and rotting debris is harder to remove than dry debris. So, you will save a lot of effort by removing dry debris with a dumpster rather than using other methods.


When throwing things away over days or weeks, you may spend quite a few hours on the process in small chunks. In most cases, you will save time on trash removal by handling it all at once because it will be out of your house, property, and mind after a single day.

Rent a dumpster for a quick, reliable, and easy solution to get rid of trash and items.

For more information on dumpster rentals, contact a company near you.

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