The Benefits Of Roll-Off Containers Vs Dumpsters For Property Renovations

Are you in the middle of a property renovation project? Without question, these projects can involve a substantial amount of waste. If you have reached a point in the process that requires you to consider options for garbage removal, the idea of a roll-off container vs a waste dumpster may come up. This also brings up curiosities about which type of waste container is more suitable for property renovation projects. Take a look at how roll-off containers stack up compared to traditional dumpsters for use during property renovation projects. 

Roll-off containers can be larger than a standard dumpster 

A property renovation project can undoubtedly involve a significant amount of trash. Standard dumpsters typically come in sizes that are small enough for the garbage truck to lift and dump into the trash trailer. Roll-off containers, by contrast, come in a multitude of sizes, and some can be as large as a full trailer or storage container. Therefore, you are much more likely to be able to fit all or most of the trash in just one load than you would be with a dumpster. Having to halt the project to wait on dumpster retrieval and delivery repeatedly could easily impede workflow and cause delays. 

Roll-off containers are easier to load

One major difference in the structure of roll-off containers compared to dumpsters is that they can be opened on one end. When you are carrying bulky and heavy materials to load into the garbage receptacle, having the ability to walk into the container can be really helpful. With a standard dumpster, you have to hoist heavy materials high enough to drop the materials into the container from overhead. With heavy lumber, large pieces of drywall, or even an armload of old flooring, this can be difficult. 

Roll-offs have fewer limitations on what can be collected inside 

The size and shape of a roll-off naturally make it easier for larger items to fit inside without being a risk to haul. For example, if your property renovations will involve the removal of old appliances or furniture pieces, these bulky items typically will not fit inside a standard dumpster. However, a large roll-off container can easily hold multiple appliances or furniture pieces without posing safety hazards during transport. Therefore, roll-offs tend to be a more feasible option during residential property renovation projects. Property owners do not have to make special arrangements to dispose of larger items. 

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