A Hazardous Waste Containment And Disposal Plan

Hazardous waste is any type of waste that could be potentially harmful to human beings or the environment. If hazardous materials are generated at your place of business, set up a containment and disposal plan that meets the EPA guidelines imposed in the state that your business operates from. 

Failure To Comply

Hazardous waste materials encompass a broad range of substances. Radioactive, corrosive, toxic, and ignitable materials pose a threat. These materials are often encountered in settings where products are mass-produced.

Failing to identify hazardous materials, plus the avoidance of disposing of materials in a safe manner, could result in being fined. A business owner could be penalized for each and every hazardous waste material that they fail to dispose of responsibly. 

A Disposal Service

A hazardous waste disposal service is offered through some waste management companies. A company will pick up and transport waste materials. They will drop them off at designated landfills. These types of landfills feature containment areas where waste materials will not be introduced to soil or groundwater.

A waste management company that handles hazardous substances may offer a standard pickup service and an emergency pickup service. An emergency hazardous waste pickup is essential when substances have spilled.

An oil spill, for instance, would be considered a hazard that requires prompt attention. A waste removal team can be hired to clean up the spill, plus haul the waste material away. A hazardous waste team may use a vacuum machine and special cleaning agents to remove the material that has spilled.

Containment Strategies

The hazardous waste management company that you contract services through may supply you with containers that can be used to store hazardous materials. Containers will be waterproof. They will each come with a lid that can be used to secure hazardous materials.

Prepare an area to temporarily house hazardous materials. Install a fence around the storage area. Label the containers that will be used to store hazardous materials. The labels should indicate that the materials that are stored inside the containers are hazardous.

The Disposal Process

Set up a disposal plan. This plan should focus on the prompt removal of hazardous materials from your place of business. As materials are generated, they should be brought outdoors and stored within the waste containers. Once the containers are filled, contact the waste management company that you have contracted with. Set up a time to have the hazardous materials picked up and transported.

To find out more, contact a hazardous waste removal company.

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