2 Tips For Finding Replacement Parts For Your Car At A Junkyard

If you are working on your car, you may have found that one or more parts are bad and need to be replaced. Because you are on a budget, you may have decided to try finding the part at a local junkyard. Before you head out in search of the parts, use the tips below to help you find the right replacement parts for your car at a junkyard.

1. Call Before You Leave to Find Out Whether They Have the Part Already Pulled or If You Need to Do It Yourself

One thing that you should do before you leave the house is to call the junkyard. With the make, model, and names of the parts in hand, ask the representative whether they have any of the parts in stock and already pulled.  

If not, ask if they have one or more vehicles that match your car's year and model so you can remove the parts yourself. Make sure you bring your toolbox with a variety of socket wrenches and screwdrivers so you have what you need to take off the parts yourself.

2. Try to Bring the Part from Your Car That You Wish to Replace with You to the Junkyard for Comparison

Another tip for finding the right replacement parts for your car is to try bringing the old part from your car with you. As long as it is small enough to easily carry and fit in the vehicle carrying you to the yard, you should be able to have it on hand when you remove the part from the junkyard.

Since modifications are always a possibility on certain vehicles, you want to make sure that the part you purchase matches the one you need. Just make sure you stop by the office with the part for your car so they can mark it as yours before you venture out into the junkyard.

If you are trying to save money by purchasing salvage parts for your car, make sure you call before you go to the junkyard to see if they already have the one you need pulled, and if not, check to see if they have a vehicle onsite containing the part you can remove yourself. You should also try to bring the old part from your car with you to compare it to make sure you get the right one. For more information, contact an auto parts junkyard in your area to speak with a representative.

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